X-ray optics are not a very humorous matter. Some amusing or just nice graphical contributions are presented here.

Seasons greeting 2019

X-ray Prism Lenses: Season's Greetings 2019


Seasons greeting 2018

Fresnel-CRL: Season's Greetings 2018


Seasons greeting 2017

Zoom-CRL: Season's Greetings 2017


Seasons greeting 2015

LIGA-CRLs: Season's Greetings 2015


Seasons greetings 2014

CRLs: Season's Greetings 2014


XPL-demonstrator: decoration of a doctoral cap, 8.3.2010



XPL-fish swimming between sea anemones: Season's Greetings 2010


CRLs: Season's Greetings 2007


"1. Karlsruhe optics joust": knights with LIGA-CRL lances ©03


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